Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why Are Anti-Gun Activists So Violent? (Language Alert)

So John Boch, head of GSL in Illinois stops at a gas station.  A passerby notices the GSL bumpersticker and it causes him to lose his mind.
“You’re those fucking people that put guns in the hands of killers.  Guns don’t save lives, gun kill people, you stupid fuck.”

“No, fuck you.  Are you going to fucking shoot me?  Here’s a better idea, you sick fuck:  Why don’t you shoot yourself!”
 “You guys are fucking nuts.  You run around with your guns, ready to fucking snap and start killing people.” 
 “Oh, you gonna call the cops?  Why don’t you go fuck yourself.  Fuck you and fuck the police,” he screams.
Think about this.  He actively confronts and threatens an individual he assumes is armed and is 'ready to snap and start killing people'. 

THIS is why he is anti-gun, because this is how they react to their anger and they assume that's how everyone is.

This is also why we carry.

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Archer said...

Think about this. He actively confronts and threatens an individual he assumes is armed and is 'ready to snap and start killing people'.

No, he doesn't. If he really thought the (assumed) armed citizen would snap and go on a shooting rampage, he'd keep his head down and stay silent. He mouths off because deep down, he knows the (assumed) armed citizen will not snap (although he's hoping to make the citizen act badly in response).

In short, despite the possibility the other guy is armed, he mouths off because he's secure in his own safety doing so. His own actions put to the lie his statements about how "gun nuts" are all ready to "snap and start killing people", for any reason or no reason. He doesn't believe them himself.

Sigivald said...

I wonder if Mr. Guns Are For Killing thinks the ... police ought to be disarmed, too?

Armed Texan said...


People with out-of-control anger escalate without regard to the consequences. He is clearly projecting himself onto gun owners and knows that if he possessed a gun he would probably escalate to shooting someone at some point. He is well on his way to assault (if this altercation did not already meet the definition of assault and I would report it as assault had I been a witness).

Anonymous said...

I believe, if reported, that type of behavior is grounds for revoking a concealed carry license in Texas. I don't know how they are writing the laws in Illinois, but they may have something similar. If he possessed a concealed carry license, he probably wouldn't keep it for long.