Friday, October 30, 2015

Charleston, IL Becoming 'Little Chicago' UPDATE

I posted some issues a few weeks ago involving multiple, strong-arm robberies and violent assaults.  Just over the last week there was a 'mob action' in the local Wally-world and another shooting.

From the local paper:
The fight apparently started because of a "past disagreement with people in their high school" and was not a random incident, Oyer said.
He said the people involved are not current or former Charleston High School students but he declined to provide any additional information.

Update: The full video

 And just last night:
Eastern Illinois University issued an "off-campus crime advisory" by email to its students and staff that said a pedestrian might have fired a gun at a vehicle
 Over in the next town, the state DOC is using a homeless shelter as a dumping ground for transients.  The results are what you would expect.
MATTOON -- A reported resident of the Mattoon Area PADS homeless shelter has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl who had been providing volunteer services in connection with PADS.
 At a recent community meeting regarding moving the shelter, opponents of the move were physically and verbally threatened by several of the residents.

I've scheduled a CCW class for myself and the C-in-C. 

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drjim said...

Just wait until the Moose-Slimes start getting dumped in Illinois.

pigpen51 said...

oh, I doubt they will go there. Chicago has too many invisible guns for all of them. they will want to get dumped someplace where they can have a fighting chance to spread there wonderfulness, with less fear of people defending themselves.
Maybe they could send them to Montana. Oops, too cold. How about Texas. Nope, too many freedom lovers.
I know, just send them to Mexico and let them come in wherever they please.