Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Right Wing Nonsense"

Saw a comment the other day on FB:
It really is hard trying to find a pro gun group that doesn't have the right wing nonsense attached to it.
You know.... That's fair and somewhat true if one assumes 'Right wing=Republican' and 'Left wing=Democrat' stereotypes.  Now let's look at why so much 'right wing nonsense' is 'attached' to 'pro-gun groups'.

From the page :Our Leaders on the DNC national website:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi 
Senate Dem. Leader Harry Reid

IL Senator Dick Durbin

IL Gov. Pat Quinn

And of the most violent cities in the US?

New Orleans: run by Democrats since 1936. MAIG Member
Detroit: run by Democrats since 1962. MAIG Member
St. Louis: run by Democrats since 1949. MAIG Member
Newark: run by Democrats since 1953 MAIG Member
Ft Myers: Unknown
Baltimore: run by Democrats since 1967. MAIG Member
Oakland: run by Democrats since 1977. MAIG Member
Pine Bluff: Unknown
Kansas City: Mixed (MO Side) MAIG Member
Dayton, OH: Run by Democrats since 1993 MAIG Member
Atlanta: Run by Democrats since 1942 MAIG Member
Cleveland: Run by Democrats since 1990 MAIG Member
 Memphis: run by Democrats since 1991. MAIG Member
Chicago: run by Democrats since 1931. MAIG Member

This is just a selection not including the large numbers of mostly Chicago based (D) legislators (Madigan's, Cullerton, Emanual, Kotowski, etc) nor all the ones from CA, NY, NJ  (Feinstein, Schumer, McCarthy) etc. that keep pushing gun control over and over. The DNC platform alone calls for bans on firearms and banning private sales (ironically under 'protecting rights')

Hence why the 'pro-gun groups' tend to get the 'right wing nonsense' bleed over into them because most of the 'left wing' politicos support restrictions on firearms.

So what's the solution?

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1 comment:

Angus McThag said...

It really is hard trying to find a left wing group that doesn't have the anti-gun nonsense attached to it.

Fixed it for them.