Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Restrictions.... not 'Safety'

The Brady Campaign, in an effort to remain relevant in the gun control discussion, have started a flood of lawsuits attempting to litigate firearm and ammo dealers out of business or, at the very least, force them into accepting settlements designed to makes legal sales as difficult and uncomfortable as possible.

In PA, they're suing a shop for giving the federally required 4473 form to a straw purchaser (who passed federal background checks) and want dealers to interrogate firearm purchasers before a sale. 

They're suing 'Lucky Gunner' ammo, an online dealer (go buy from them), for selling ammo to another individual who passed a federal background check and later went on to murder multiple individuals using ammo commonly available at your local WalMart. The only purpose for this is to cost them money in lawyers and try and get more restrictions for ammo sales. 

There's nothing about 'safety' in any of this.  The only purpose is to restrict firearms.  This is 'gun control' in action.

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Anonymous said...

The irony surrounding the media coverage and sleuthing going on to get to the bottom of the LuckyGunner related mysteries is that they are trying to profit off of a tragic event from 2012 by gaining left-wing readership and claiming LuckyGunner is profiting off of the same event. Almost like, the pot calling the kettle black except LuckyGunner in 2012 was unaware of the events that were going to later bring them in to the news. Anyone with half a brain these days can tell that the lawsuit, the Brady association, and leftwing media are just more attempts by leeching parasitic scum bags to take more control over the free.