Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Low Information Voters Defined

Over 287,000 people in CA voted for Leland Yee, indicted for money laundering and gun trafficking.


I bet most of those people strongly support gun control as well.

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Dapandico said...

Him & shrimp boy were setup by da feds

Lucusloc said...

Still three times the votes of the green party.

Also, in California, it is not about the quality of the man, but how much money he can (promise to) bring you. Pretty sure criminal records are part of the credentials. I think the logic goes "if he will lie and swindle to enrich himself he will lie and swindle to buy his votes". . . or something.

Robert Fowler said...

There in lies the problem. Every son of a bitch in congress is a scumbag, except my guy. I'm surprised that he didn't get more of the vote.

drjim said...

Yep, as Johnny Carson once said "California is a perfect example of the fact that when you have lots of sunshine, you sure can grow a lot of fruits and nuts"!

Matthew said...

Nice to see the Dem and Repub neck and neck. No idea if either is better on guns but I assume this would usually be a Dem walkover.