Friday, December 6, 2013

Thank (Insert Deity Here) for LTC. Bateman

Yes, I said it.  I appreciate the LTC more than you can imagine. Why?  Because his article is some of the best PR for firearm rights there is.  It's just a few steps below the President calling for more gun control. 

When he rambles on about how many guns he wants to ban, the next thing that happens is all the anti-gun groups start reposting his words saying how he's 'reasonable' and how right he is.  Gives plenty of screenshots and quotes for us to use when they later claim to not want to ban guns and we get a giggle out of watching them dance around trying to explain their words. 

Going on about how much of an 'authority' he is reduces the effectiveness in future military veterans using their creds to try and ban guns due to his extremist, uneducated and ridiculous assertions.

So thank you LTC Bateman.  You've just sold more guns and NRA memberships than a dozen gun shows.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I don't know about the rest of the bloggers, but I found him Via Joyce and Brady vetted Rep Joan Peterson.

I quote: "After taking on the Supreme Courts' Heller Decision, Lt. Bateman goes on to offer some common sense solutions of his own"

And then she cites his ban that is so "Common Sense" that my not-so-gun-nut wife declared "Why does he even bother saying those guns are allowed? Why doesn't he just say 'Ban all guns'?"

"Common Sense" indeed!

The higher ups of the Brady Campaign, and Joyce foundation haven't felt the need to ask Joan to memory hole the post, so obviously the groups she speaks for endorse his "Common Sense" as well!

Anonymous said...

This poor soul Bateman is an attention troll who is a perfect example of what our progressive education system produces. Ignorant, ego centric, and arrogant.

PT said...

It puts the NRA life of duty program into perspective. Free memberships and the organization reaching out to LTC Bateman's lower ranking soldiers to make sure that this communist doesn't have a unopposed platform.