Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh No-es! There Tokyo Goes!!!

The last major push for Nihon sheets was today. My buddy who paints my minis came down to help out, get his xmas gift (the BGG special sheets), and do some other geek stuff.  After the packing, the 'other' geek stuff came into play.  He punched out, colored the edges of, and assembled the 3-D pieces.  I punched out the first of my sheets (yeah, I've had the game a month and haven't gotten to play), a set of my Nihons which I also colored the edges of (the 'berry' colored sharpie works great). 

We then set up our doomsday board.  BGG-zilla, giant crater, UFO, Nihon forces, etc.

Yeah, this is going to be fun. Soon my packing table will be turned into a gaming table and many infantry and hovercraft will be crushed under the treads of OGRE's.

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StormCrow42 said...

I love the image of the Vulcan going in after BGG-Zilla, presumably to grapple with it.

David Lawson said...

Hey, got your counters (thanks for the overlays!) And was inspired to order the designers edition. Oi, huge. I wasn't prepared for that. One thing, one of my garages had the backing labels inverted...did you encounter that?

David Lawson said...

I have a few questions... What type of paint did you use on the edges? Colors? Also, did you use a fixative to holds loose pieces?

Thirdpower said...

sharpies on the edges. For the Nihon, the 'berry' color matched perfectly. Water, light blue. open field, light green. Forest, green. rubble, orange. Most of the others were black.