Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MAIG Faking More Members?

A few months ago, a bunch of new 'members' showed up under IL on the 'Mayors Against Guns' website.  Unlike previous ones, these weren't hyperlinked to the cities' own sites.  Looking them over, many of them seem suspicious., the names listed don't match up w/ the mayors/etc. that the townships claim:

For example:  Lake Zurich, IL.  Their website lists Mayor Tom Poynton but MAIG has it down as "
Village President Suzanne Brandint".  

MAIG actually has TWO 'Lagrange Park', IL's listed. Village President Julia Cedillo and
Village President James L. Discipio.  The Lagrange website lists Discipio.  

Hampshire, IL.  MAIG has listed 'Village President Doug Maxninck' but the city site has it as '
Jeffrey Magnussen'.

These are just the examples I've been able to check out so far.  So are all these townships wrong on their sites, or is MAIG playing fast and loose w/ the truth to artificially inflate their numbers.  Seeing the trend in anti-rights activism lately, I know where I would put my money. 

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russe11m said...

Yeah, the first mayor listed on the members page, Sam Jones of Mobile, Alabama, isn't mayor anymore either. He got voted out a couple months back, and his successor took office almost a month ago.

Greg Tag said...

Kristin Jacobs is listed as "Mayor" of Broward County, Florida.

Since "mayor" is an usual title for a county official, I checked further.

She is actually Broward County Commissioner for District 2, according to the Broward County website.

A "made-up" member? Sounds fake to me.



ISH (Mininerd) said...

As mayor of Potemkin Village, I am deeply disturbed that you would question the veracity of MAIG.