Saturday, November 30, 2013

Why Are Anti-Gun Advocates So Criminal?

Even outside of the arrests/convictions of MAIG members that far exceeds that of the public, take a look at a current trend in anti-gun advocacy:

Doctor in New York Arrested for Stealing Pro Gun Signs From Yards

Strange and deceitful new anti-gun tactic

So Moms Demand Action lied about Staples.

Anti-gunners play dirty tricks in Colorado recall

Theft, vandalism, defamation, outright deceit.   These are the core tactics of those who attempt to claim the moral highground while calling for 'reasonable' laws.

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine that sticker thing happening all over the chicago area once the hoplophobes get wind of the idea. Springfield legislators are going to have to address false posting of ban signs eventually with some form of penalty. Perhaps the proceeds going towards some B/S "For the safety of the Children's" program. That should push it thru the legislature.

Old NFO said...

When they are losing, ALL bets are off...

Firehand said...

They don't like having the echo chamber disturbed, either; dare to go to the MDA bookface page and ask an uncomfortable question, or point out a lie, they dump the post and block you.

'compromise and discussion' my ass.