Friday, November 22, 2013

DOOT Update

Been quiet around the trailer the last few days.  I've had a few rough days at work (those who know what I do for a living know what that entails); we've had one of my favorite cats, Beau, who was somewhere around 18, put down; and the Sears washing machine STILL isn't fixed.  The replacement part they sent was defective.

So the muse just hasn't been there.

On a positive note, the OGRE 6E Nihon order (a PALLET of stuff) is scheduled to be delivered on Monday. Expect many photos of joy.  The shipping out of all the sheets will be eating into more of my freetime.

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Chase said...

My cat died a few years ago, and I was very sad. I thought he would die while I was home from college for Thanksgiving and could be with him. But instead he died the following Wednesday after I had returned to school. I remember clearly when I got the call and where I was at the time.

When I got back to my apartment that evening, a strange cat that I had seen before was in the parking lot of my apartment complex. Ordinarily this cat wouldn't let me touch him. But that evening, as soon as I opened the door, he darted inside and made no move to leave. I sat down, and he sat on my lap and let me pet him for about an hour and a half. Somehow he knew what I was going through.

May the Mother and Father bless you and give you peace in your time of loss.

drjim said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. It always sucks when you have to put a pet to sleep, but take comfort in the fact you did the right thing.

danno said...

Ugggh. Sorry to hear about the cat. We've all been there and it sucks.

Last time we lost one at the SandCastle, the family here on the interwebs was of great help. I know we'll pull together again for you.


Unknown said...

We lost our oldest Maine Coon Max earlier in the year, was tough on us all. Didn't hit me until I went to make a sammich and I realized that the grumpy bastard wasn't coming to beg for a handout.

Sorry to hear of your loss!