Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quinn's 'Amendatory' Veto

Basically rewriting it into a 'May Issue'/No Carry bill.

State Senate Democrats basically tell him to stuff it.

Other Senators tell him to pound sand as well. 

Rep Phelps has filed a motion to override the veto

Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Responds to Quinn.

And Bloomie endorses Daley for Gov

So now we get to see the usual political games as they balance their dislike for firearms vs their dislike of Quinn and the 'amendatory veto' concept.

From ILGunLobby  
Let us Remember that the Court case was brought by a woman who was beat almost to death by one of Gov. Quinn's parolees. . .

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1 comment:

Billll said...

Quinn never intended his veto to be upheld. The action was to further delay the bill so individual towns could pass their own AWBs and the like.