Friday, July 5, 2013

ARPA(NET) Reasoned Discourse-ing Already

The new 'American Rifle & Pistol Assoc. is going to be busy beavers if they delete all the opposition they're receiving.  I put up one post on FB w/ a link to TBFKASIH and it got deleted and I'm blocked, along w/ most of the early comments and links to other sites that have shown the facts about this group.  

Astroturf is hard.

Out of all their 'likes', they have a whopping one person posting in defense of them. Not w/ anything resembling 'conversation' of course, but instead insults and distractions. Real similar IMO, in tone and style to the writing of the 'interview' and just 'happens' to be a web/app designer.


Update:  Full out 'Reasoned Discourse' is in effect.  In a wordy, buzzphrase ridden post,(seriously? deliberative dialogue? Authentic deliberation? wtf is that?)  they basically say that their 'membership focused' group will delete any comments critical of their agenda. Whatever that agenda happens to be.  They've already deleted a bunch of comments on that post alone:

If you click on it, the only comment left at the time was that one. All the others were gone.

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Motor-T said...

They can't memory hole fast enough. You have to figure that there are probably a half a million or so politically active informed gun owners on Facebook. There can't be more than a half dozen working on their page.

Definite shades of AHSA.

Old NFO said...

Yep, false flag... again

Robert Fowler said...

This is one of their "statement of principals"

R+P seeks to work with state and local governments to help establish effective training and licensing programs designed to increase public safety while protecting eligible citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms.

So they want licencing in every state so they can protect the rights of "eligible citizens" Just who are eligible citizens and who decides? I smell Bloomberg money.

Firehand said...

Just went to their FB page; the ONLY thing there is 'We made US News headlines!', and ONE comment showing; click on show more comments, and nothing.