Monday, May 6, 2013

Chicago Running Scared

To paraphrase Conan on what is best in life:

Crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the girly-men.

Chicago/Cook County is crapping themselves over the possibility of Constitutional Carry on June 9th.
Dart said he’s worried about a stalemate in the General Assembly on a law to license people to carry concealed guns. If legislators don’t meet a June 9 court deadline to pass such a law, anyone with a state firearm owner’s identification card could legally walk anywhere in public with a concealed weapon, Dart said.
They're trying to pass a County specific 'May Issue' bill (iow NO issue) w/ a 'reasonable' $300 fee that would take effect on June 9th should the legislature do what they do best.  Nothing.

That's Chicago for you.

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Don said...

If only there were some way that Cook County and Chicago could have ensured that their concerns were fairly heard out, and taken into account. Some way of, I don't know, sitting down and negotiating, you know? Some kind of table where gun-rights advocates and law enforcement could have sat across from each other and expressed their concerns and exchanged proposals and counters until they'd hammered out a bill everyone could live with.
If only.

greg tag said...

Watching all this crap from the safety of Texas, it astonishes me that the Cook County/Chicago political establishment is so totally, uniformly against liberty.

I note they regularly vilify guns, but no one utters a syllable about the gangs and thug and drug lifestyle that actually propels the violence.

An even bigger ( and less understandable) surprise is the fact that the people of Chicago are so emasculated that the politicians " guns for me ( and my bodyguards ) but not for thee" is taken lying down - or is it that these urban denizens have been socialized to believe that legal guns belong only in cop's hands? It seems that Chicago produces either gangsta's and sheep. I suppose the Cook County school system is accomplishing SOMETHING.

I am enjoying the anti-self-defense cabal's distress. Wouldnt it be funny if the crooked, selfish and anti-liberty elites are so disfunctional that Illinois arrives at limited constitutional carry?

My best wishes to my liberty loving brethren in Illinois



Anonymous said...

I'll tell you exactly what will happen. On June 8, Madigan will file an appeal to the Supreme Court and simultaneously request a "stay of mandate", which will set aside Judge Posner's order until the Supreme Court has ruled on the case. If the court grants cert, which I am sure they will, the stay will be in effect until the order from the Supremes comes in, probably around June 2014, the last day before their recess.

The only important question is what did The One (tm) have on Roberts to make him switch his Obamacare vote. If it is that solid, then expect Roberts to not extend the trend seen in Heller and McDonald to the right to carry outside the home.