Sunday, May 5, 2013

All I Need Now is the Black Van

Picked up a new toy at the gun show today.

Ruger Mini-14 'Ranch Rifle' w/ side folding stock along w/ a few mags. I figure since I couldn't make it to the NRA AM, I'ld increase my insurrectionist credentials some other way.

Update: Ran a magazine through it. Me likey.  Love the feel of the gun. Hate the mags. Whoever designed that stupid little hole insert needs to be beaten severely.  Trigger safety reminds me of the SKS. No recoil at all. Need to check accuracy when I have more time but it's hitting the target.

Also picked up some more 80's era US Army Recognition Cards.  These being Russian Language.

These have inspired me to sign up for one of those Rosetta Stone language courses.  Hopefully this time I'll actually be able to get it. I've always had trouble learning languages.

And just to make the day extra special, I took 4thpower Alpha to the local PD for a tour w/ his cub scout group.  Every single one of the officers I spoke to were pro-gun and were wanting CCW to pass. One had his own AR build as his 'patrol rifle' and another said he was building up a couple for his daughters.

Overall a good day.

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Sigivald said...

I've often thought (though I doubt Ruger will ever do it) that they should make a Mini-14 that takes STANAG magazines.

(And is more accurate, but I hear they've done pretty good on that lately on their own.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new tool. I would not call it a toy. It will be used for serious business if need be. Otherwise it can be used for fun.

Thirdpower said...

This along w/ my Soviet SKS are my new coyote guns.

That Guy said...

Nice score. I still miss my Mini.

Sebastian said...

I saw someone on the highway a few weeks ago in a black van with the red stripe, just like the A-Team. It was awesome.