Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gun Control Activist: Fear of Just About Everything

A poster on the ICHV FB page contacted her state rep (Chicago Anti Gun Hack Steans) in a tizzy over Concealed Carry and how scared she is of it. (Note this line: "She said that the lawmakers are hearing from way more people who are pro-gun than us."  No sh!t sherlock).  So I clicked on her page just to see how anti-gun she is.  The answer is extremely.
 Anyone who knows me knows I not only hate guns, hunting and anything to do with the gun culture, but it disturbs and sickens me. I won't even watch movie previews that have people shooting guns.
Thinking about me target shooting 'disturbs and sickens' her.  I began thinking she was pretty disturbed already.  Then I read this:
 ..I do not want to encourage vigilantism among today's "common men." They scare me without guns!
This person lives in a world of constant fear and paranoia yet she still thinks she has the mental capacity to determine whether what I do is right or wrong.  Her and Elliot Fineman would get along famously.

This is the face of gun control. 

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Pyrotek85 said...

Hey I thought we were the paranoid ones.

Anonymous said...

She'd have crapped her britches if she'd seen me assembling two AR15s on unpapered "80%" receivers I just finished.

Sigivald said...

Shall I assume she also wants the police disarmed?