Monday, February 11, 2013

OGRE 6th Ed Kickstarter Sheet Preview

Being one of the cool nerds (and for dropping a ton of cash on their Kickstarter campaign), I have been privy to receiving an early sample of one of the Steve Jackson Games KS  Edition Exclusive sheets (P1 to be precise) along w/ a nice 'shout out' note from SJ and OGRE Line Editor Daniel Jew.  Out of the envelope:


And assembled:
A NA Combine Mk VI and Vulcan w/ Repair Drone along w/ a PE Dopplesodner and a Command Post.

They are about the same size as the OGRE Mini's from the 90's.  I know there was some concern over the choice of heavy cardboard pieces in lieu of plastic mini's/moldings but this really emphasized the point that I think the cardboard pieces were the way to go.  There's something like a dozen+ sheets of vehicles and terrain in the box as it is.  Had it gone 3d plastic, it would have been twice the size of the suitcase it already is and been like shipping bricks weight wise. 

I can't wait until June.  My floor will be covered w/ game pieces and terrain.

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