Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Illinois CCW Slurry. Update II

Well the pieces of crap that call themselves politicians from Chicago have not only added a few more amendments to HB1155, Madigan's 'No Carry' Shell bill, but are now adding those amendments to the 'good' carry bill, HB 997

Call your legislators people. If you don't, don't come crying to me for help.

Update on 1155.  1-9 and 14 passed, 10-12 failed, 13, 15-26 withdrawn. 27 (which is basically HB997 being debated.)

This is one massive cluster. The default restrictions plus public transportation. Most of the other crap was withdrawn.They keep adding amendments so who knows how long this could keep going.

Since I can't get the feed to work, I'm getting updates from IllinoisCarry.

UPDATE 2: Amend 27 passed w/ 68 votes making it like HB997 plus the shit amendments.  House is adjourned till tomorrow since 28-31 are still in committee. 

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N6ATF said...

Whatever it takes to be in contempt of the ruling, as long as the USMS are never called to throw them in jail.