Saturday, March 2, 2013

CT State Rep Hewett Compensating For Something

 Ernest Hewett, a CT State Rep (D-39)said this on guns just a few months ago:
 “We have gun laws that need to be passed that aren’t being passed, because we have people who want to go duck hunting with AK-47s.”
 He said this to a 17 yr old girl just a few days ago:
"If you're bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here."
 Remember that laws, morality and ethics are for 'little people'. Stay classy gun banners.

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Chas said...

With the Democrats, political correctness is everything, intelligence is nothing. Look at Biden's shotgun comments, or Cuomo's ten rounds to kill a deer remark. AKs to hunt ducks? That comment has no basis in reality. They don't make sense, but they're still in charge.

Jeffersonian said...

Rapists love gun control.

Braden Lynch said...

If this politician said that to my daughter, he would need emergency surgery to remove my boot from his posterior.

The double standard for Democrats saying stupid things and the media reporting them and calling for their censure, resignation, or impeachment is appalling.

Weer'd Beard said...

I bet you can get some ducks with a Saiga 12!

He has a point and doesn't even know it!

Also what's with Democrats and their favorite sex being non-consensual?

Rob Crawford said...

Also what's with Democrats and their favorite sex being non-consensual?

They're the party of Clinton, Kennedy, and John Wayne Gacy...