Friday, February 22, 2013

IL House Judiciary Hearing Video

The the IL house held its hearing on CCW today. Unsurprisingly, they tried to push all sorts of anti-gun legislation and had a string of anti-gun advocates reading prepared speeches, citing skewed anti-gun prepared statistics and getting very little questioning in response.

The first 3hrs is full emotional diatribes, claims of wild west shootouts (the main argument), gang members shooting up the city and other crap. But if you really want to know why you should be a dues paying member of the NRA and ISRA, go to 2:59:00 where NRA/ISRA lobbying Todd Vandermyde begins.

Now he's used to walking into hostile environments and this is no different.  The levels of ignorance and belligerence directed towards him are astounding. He starts by clearing up Chicago's misconception that they can ignore a court decision and then the real fun begins as he compares anti-gun activists to historical anti-rights like Bull Connor.  Unlike all the anti-gun speeches, he is subjected to what basically turns into a trial questioning and he slaps them around left and right.  They try to badly nail him w/ the Socratic method and they just go downhill from there.

Drury's argument against CCW is that the Illinois State Police are incompetent in handling licenses so IL shouldn't have Concealed Carry. Todd V. responds that IL has had plenty of time to upgrade its systems and the ideas were discussed years ago, now the state has until June 9th.  Drury's response is to act like a sh!t and repeat the question again trying to get Vandermyde to agree to a 'delay' by putting words in Todd V's mouth.

'Lost & Stolen'/ban on private sales is then brought up.  Todd clarifies the speakers' law and gives the history of registration systems in IL and around the country and why educated firearm owners oppose it. His mention of the Chicago PD losing over 900 firearms and refusing to release the report while at the same time the state is trying to punish legal firearm owners is entertaining. Then 'straw purchasers' is brought into the chime and how there is not prosecuting.

Welch: "We all respect the US Constitution....".  You know where it goes from there. Welch wants a 'mass transit' ban. Todd says 'No Compromise'. He then brings up 'duty to inform' and Todd mentions the controversy over it and a video of a stop.

Williams: Some people are too stupid to own a gun, how do we stop them from getting CCW licenses?  Really lady?

Simms: Chicago's special and deserves special treatment.  Todd V. "You're right, Chicago's especially abusive to the rights of gun owners. " and lists abuses by Chicago. Simms pushes for 'may issue'. "How do you tell Otis McDonald he's a second class citizen because he lives in Chicago". "It's not the people w/ FOID cards who are shooting out streetlights" "It's a right or it's not"

THIS is why it's important to belong to the ISRA/NRA. 

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AuricTech said...

Williams: Some people are too stupid to own a gun, how do we stop them from getting CCW licenses? Really lady?

Clearly, some people are too stupid to vote responsibly, yet there's no law to stop them from voting for the likes of this Williams creature.