Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nothing Happened But Then....

So the other night there were armed, violent criminals in the area and the doors got locked.  About 10:45, the wife gets her rifle and goes to take the In-laws' dog back to their house down the hill and I climb into bed. A few minutes later, she bursts back into the house telling me that the lights were on (the inlaws were gone at the time) and there was someone in the house.


Now the picture that should go on our Christmas cards.  I jump up and throw on my boots. Unlaced.  Old tshirt and my '#1 Dad' (fathers day gift) PJ pants, grab the AK and run down there. Didn't see anything in the house and all the cats are mellow. I send in the dog.  He goes in and lays down. OK. Unlikely there's anyone in there but I go through the house room by room clearing it anyway. Thankfully nothing. The wife had left the lights on and the movement she saw was likely one of the cats.  I was shaking the whole time but all the Army and 'tactical' training kicked in along w/ a few gallons of adrenaline. Needless to say it took me awhile to settle back down.

The next day rumors were flying.  Half a dozen spottings of them all over the place, a murder involved, etc. They were caught in Kentucky later in the day.

Then came reports of an attempted child abduction in the next town.

What a wonderful time to be alive.

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skidmark said...

Much better you had taken up overwatch and requested the local police to search/clear the house. They have radios to communicate by, they have (usually) additional people to communicate with, and they have those bullet-resistant vests.

Oh! You mean you left the house without even a cell phone? And your parents' dog has a history of alerting at the prtesence of unknowns/those not actually invited inside? (We had a command to stand the dogs down even all they would do was look mean & hungry - until you tried something like touching us. (NEVER forget to give the command before hugging someone - the dogs must have thought the BIL waas attacking the wife.)

And last, but not least - bringing a rifle/carbine to clear a house? DOOD!

stay safe.

Thirdpower said...

There are no local police.

And using a rifle/carbine to clear is what I was trained on.

Anonymous said...

Good word 3rd! Keep the Fam safe. When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

I would have done the same thing!Never use a pistol when you have a rifle.


Chase said...

I would have covered the doors and called the cops but I'm glad you and everyone else are okay.