Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not So Paranoid After All

Tonight is the first time since I've lived in this home we've locked our doors. I'm regularly accused by anti-gun advocates of being paranoid and more of a danger to myself and family by owning guns.

Tonight, I'm betting everyone in the county who DOESN'T own a gun presently, wishes they did. 
 CHARLESTON (JG-TC) — Two people from Windsor reportedly involved in a shooting in Southern Illinois were thought to be in Coles County on Tuesday.
 Two convicted sex offenders got in a shootout and stole a car.  Not in the report is the latest information that they broke into a rural home, attacked the owner and stole a different car not more than a few miles away from my home.

So tonight we have all the doors locked and a firearm w/in arms reach.

The closest town doesn't even have a police force, instead relying on County and State. 

I doubt anything will happen and the scum are probably long gone but I'll be damned if I take the risk of NOT being prepared.

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Anonymous said...

Learn a lesson from this: no place is immune from criminals. Even isolated places can have fugitives and dangerous recluses.
While you may have nothing to fear from the local people, outsiders can wonder in.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I keep my Glock 22 loaded, cocked and ready beside my bed. I keep my Jericho .40 beside my chair (mostly retired these days so home a lot) for during the day. One of 'em goes with me in the car door pocket thingy (being a southpaw can be an advantage sometimes) when I leave the house.

I have a cop and a constable living on my block and there's another cop who lives in the same small subdivision but we have had 5 daylight burglaries in the last couple of years plus a couple of nighttime break-ins - one across the street 2 doors down from where the constable's cruiser was parked. Living near the part of the city that would once have been called "n****r town" I keep expect to hear about that quaint pastime of beating the snot outta old white men happening here. Hasn't yet - at least not so the news hawks would admit it - but I figure it's only a matter of time. Thinking about having a sign made to put in the front yard "This house protected by Glock (with a silhouette of one) Savage (with a silhouette of a 12 gau. pump) and FN Herstal (with a silhouette of my FNAR .308)." Damned glad Texas has castle law.