Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gaming Goodness

As I've said previously, I have very limited painting skills so a friend of mine is (re)painting up some of the mini's that have always been favorites of mine but I never got around to finishing or that just looked like crap.
First up is my unit of 'Wights' from old edition of Warhammer Fantasy.  Heavily armored undead leaders from the past laden w/ magic.  The odd coloring of the weapons is a request of mine since the old warhammer books described them using bronze weapons and wearing 'black iron' or bronze armor. These were the heavy infantry and champions of my undead army. 
 The next addition to this grouping will be a unit of 'armored skeletons'.  I was always asked why I was bothering buying them since they weren't 'efficient' but I always thought they looked cool so I made up a regiment.
 Changing Genre's, we switch to OGRE Mini's. An Combine OGRE Mk III in WWII Afrika Corps colors as a companion to the Mk V.

It's opponents are a Paneuropean 'Luftpanzer' company in German 'Tropical Fleck' pattern.
The infantry would be riding the GEV-Personnel Carriers w/ support by the three GEV's and three lt. GEV's surrounding them. Next (and last for now) up on the OGRE stuff is an Australian (Combine) Coastal Artillery Battery (of which he just sent me a 'sneak peak' and a Nihon OGRE Mk IIIB.

Switching from table top mini's to table top RPG's, I've continued my quest collecting old D&D Modules.

 Managed to complete the 'A' series which are all connected plus have picked up a bunch more.  Most of these, especially the 'B' modules are great for new gamers.  My kids wanted me to make them characters so we rolled them up some. A Dwarven Knight (son) and an Elven Wizard (daughter).  I'm working on putting together some simple adventures for them to run through on the weekends I'm not gaming w/ my main group.  I also am working on trying to run some adventures w/ my niece but since she's a distance away, it makes it difficult.  There's some remote gaming sites I've used but they're not ideal.

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Bob said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that "Afrika Corps" paint scheme looks like...bacon.