Thursday, October 18, 2012

CSGV Believes This Girl Was Wrong

BRYAN COUNTY, OK - A man who broke into a home near Calera got a surprise Wednesday morning, when he was shot by a 12-year-old girl who was in the home alone. 
 According to Ladd Everitt and the CSGV, this girl has a 'duty to retreat'.  She locked herself in a closet.  But Ladd and his fellow cultists would still believe she was in the wrong because, when the scum tried to get into the closet, the girl fired through the door, hitting him. And what do the say about that?

"'Using armed violence in any context is flat out wrong..."

Now according to Cook County idiot Prickwenkle, people like the girl and her mother should be punished via tax because he was taken to a hospital as a 'gun violence victim' while Joan Peterson and Ladd Everitt will light a candle for him

Now me personally, I think this girl did everything right. She called her mom (who obviously trained her daughter in the safe use of firearms), called 911, got a gun, went to a safer location and then shot the POS when he kept pursuing. Gun control advocates, however, believe we should trust in the good intentions of a criminal while they're in a home alone w/ a 12yr old girl.

Which policy do you think makes sense?

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TL671 said...

Also, don't forget their PuSHing for "safe storage" laws that would have left this young lady defenseless.

Anonymous said...

"'Using armed violence in any context is flat out wrong..."

If the above quote is correct, why isn't your native language German or Japanese?

Anonymous said...

You misspelled Prickwrinkle

Chas said...

It's good to have enemies who are worthless douchebags.

Chas said...

It's good to have enemies who are worthless douchebags.

Archer said...

"[T]he girl drew blood. And [Undersheriff Ken] Golden said for that she's a hero.

'She did everything she was suppose to do and more,' he said. 'And we're absolutely so thankful that she is fine. And I admire the little girl a lot.'"

Another example stating that when the International Association of Chiefs of Police stand against private firearms ownership, they do not - I repeat, DO NOT - speak for the "boots-on-the-ground" rank-and-file officers.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The last sentence in the article is priceless:

St. Clair said her daughter's bravery was rewarded with an ice cream cone.

I really get a kick out of imagining how horrified CSGV would be to contemplate how much scum-shooting she'd have to do to earn this dessert treat.

drjim said...

What fucking planet do these morons live on?
I'd be damn proud of here if she was my daughter!

greg tag said...


These people live on OUR planet. They merely exist in an alternate reality.

In the alternate reality, 12 year old girls being pursued by home-invading felons should be raped rather than defending themselves with "gasp" a gun. You see, in these folks world, Victimhood is morally superior to victorious survival; actually combatting evil is expressly forbidden.

Would Ladd Everitt or JaPete fight back? Or submit?

Inquring minds want to know.



Anonymous said...

Just one observation or rather one question. Was there only one bullet in the pistol?

My Wife, Son (14) and Daughter (17) have been taught the art of double tap and it this case, open the door and finish the job.

drjim said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Greg.

Matthew said...

Obviously they should send Colin over to teach her how to hide under the sink next time.

Braden Lynch said...

Chas, you double posted, but given its importance, it bears repeating.

"It's good to have enemies who are worthless douchebags."

(Just teasing you on the twin posts)

The gun control freaks do live in an alternate reality where a working moral compass is forbidden.