Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Possible New SCOTUS gun case?‏

From reader LE45:
SCOTUS has ordered Alameda County to reply to Nordyke's petiton for cert even though Alameda had waived its right to file a reply.  Known as a Call For Reply (CFR),such an order is extremely rare and is proof that at least one justice wants to hear the case and is an indication that said justice believes that 3 other justices will go along and grant cert. Such an order greatly increases the probability that SCOTUS will grant cert.This is Don Kilmer's and Don Kates' case that has been kicked around in the 9th Circuit since 1999 (well before Heller) and involves the banning of gun shows on county fairgrounds in Alameda County. So we may have another gun case in front of SCOTUS this term.

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