Monday, August 20, 2012

The Carnage Continues in Chicago

W/ a spate of nice weather comes the goblins. Saturday I made a post about the number of people shot overnight in the city of brotherly hate. Chicago, the city w/ the nations strictest gun control laws. The city that has spent hundreds of thousands, if not millions by now, defending these laws in the courts and legislatures. Since then, here are some of the headlines from this pleasant weekend:

Two men killed, 14-year-old wounded in overnight shootings
Three found dead after shootings, stabbing 

Close to a dozen killed. Over three dozen others wounded.  Again, all in the city that bans most semi-auto firearms and requires all the background checks, licensing, training, registration, etc. that the PuSH'ers demand and that they insist will lower crime.

Since it's been proven over and over it does no such thing, who do they then blame?  Not Jimmy Gang-Banger who does the shooting.  Instead they blame the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding firearm owners across the state and nation.  You see, it's their/our fault for merely owning firearms that Chicago has these kinds of problems....Gangs, drugs, poverty, etc.  Makes perfect sense, right?

I'm going to make a couple of predictions:

1) None of the shooters had a Chicago Firearm License.
2) None of the shooters had a FOID.
3) None of the shooters obtained their firearm legally either through and FFL, gun show or legitimate private transfer.
4) None of the shooters' families/friends/neighbors will report their actions or their illegal firearm possession to the authorities. 

So obviously we need ANOTHER 'reasonable, common-sense' law to reduce these kinds of crimes. Still makes perfect sense, right?

Welcome to the mentality of a gun control advocate.

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Ron said...

So bad guys don't follow rules and pay strict attention to laws? WOW! Say it isn't so!

chiefjaybob said...

The answer is as clear as it is simple: CeaseFire Chicago just needs another million dollars. One more million and all of this will stop. I'm sure.

drjim said...