Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mental Health 'Threats'

Getting into mental health reporting and rights is a tricky subject, especially when it is so arbitrary and reliant on that oh so effective beaurocracy that is our gov't.  Let's take a look at three different current events stories related to it. 

The shooting in Aurora, CO.  The guy had no official record, had not been involuntarily committed, etc.  However he was seeing a psychiatrist and that psychiatrist had reported him to the authorities as a danger.  Apparently the authorities did nothing about the report and the shooter went on his spree.

Jesse Jackson Jr.  is currently seeking treatment for bipolar disorder.  We've covered that here. By IL law, he should have his FOID card revoked but we all know that's not going to happen because he's a connected politician.

In the news now is a story about Marine vet Brandon Raub who made comments on FB that are being considered 'threats' by unnamed sources.  He was taken from his home and has been incarcerated based on the recommendation of also unnamed 'mental health professional' and a judge ordering him to be detained for another month, the excuse being...well, that noone did anything in CO.

So now actual threats are being ignored while anonymous tips are causing people to be committed. IOW, totally and completely arbitrary with some knee jerk reaction-ism and political favoritism thrown in for good measure. If you look back at some of the other shootings such as VT and the Giffords shooting, one had a diagnosed violent behavior that just wasn't put into the system and another that was protected by family members until he finally went off and did something.

This is the reality of mental health screening in the US. If we attach rights to it, it becomes a method that , historically, will be used to deny more and more people who DON'T have serious issues their rights, hence causing them to NOT get any help until it becomes severe. Those who DO have serious issues will continue to be ignored/protected/slip through the cracks just like they have been.

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The real question is when they will come after US!!!