Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surviving an Assault: Illinois vs Texas

In Illinois, the ISP advised women who were being attacked to make themselves vomit because "Fighting would probably be futile".

In Texas, the City of Houston put up an informational video on how improvise weapons in order to attack an assailant. 

Which state do you think really cares about protecting citizens and reducing crime?

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Old NFO said...

Ummm... NOT "Ill"inois... that just makes me 'ill'...

Greg Tag said...

So, the only weapon the ISP advises is VOMIT? What a strange little world some of you Yankees inhabit.

I dont know about the City of Houston, but there are Sheriff's offices around there who cut to the chase and advise women to get a gun, and practice with it.

Was at a Texas DPS Concealed Handgun License Instructor Course in June, out of 90 students , about 60 were peace officers of various flavors - city cops, game wardens, deputy sheriffs, the police chief from a small town, a BNSF Railroad railroad policeman...
several officers told me they were encouraged by their superiors to become CHL Instructors, because they wanted the local citizens to have abundant opportunities to take a CHL course. Every cop there, as well as the Texas DPS Troopers instructing the course said " we ALL believe in the Second Amendment ". As part of the classroom instruction, we were told " Concealed carry makes Texas a safer place"... and that the best case would be for every law-abiding Texan to carry a defensive sidearm.

This is Texas, after all.

Probably you would hear different in a class in Illinois.



Greg Tag said...


I couldnt resist... as I said earlier, this is Texas. Our citizens dont vomit on bad guys, they use a gun, in this case an older fellow with a .357 Magnum makes an 80 yard shot on a bad guy...saving cops life...

I call this one -

Armed Resident Aids Cops, Returns Fire at Double-Murderer

"Fair Use" excerpts from the Brownwood News, Brownwood, Texas, Monday 30 July 2012.


Brown County Sheriff’s Department and Early Police Department held a joint press conference Monday to formally discuss Sunday’s Peach House RV Park shooting which left three people and two dogs dead.

According to Sheriff Bobby Grubbs, the gunman was shot by an armed citizen and responding Early Police Sgt. Steven Means who was being fired upon by the gunman Charles Conner of Early....

(The) armed resident heard the shots and retrieved his .357 Magnum handgun, and was able to shoot Conner in the leg, and was then fired upon by Conner as Officer Means pulled into the park, according to law enforcement officials. Means saw that Conner was armed and was fired upon as he got out of his vehicle, Grubbs said. Means was able to take cover behind his vehicle and returned fire ... As Means and the armed resident returned fire, Conner collapsed dead.

The resident who assisted police is described as a temporary resident of the park and is also a white male, 66 years of age. His identity is being withheld.

Sheriff Grubbs commended the assisting resident for his actions. Law enforcement has determined that the resident acted valiantly and perhaps saved the lives of Sgt. Means and responding deputies, Grubbs said.

“His actions may have also saved the lives of other citizens who could have innocently walked into the situation. Under fire, the resident shooter returned fire at precisely the right moment....

.“It appears that law enforcement and the citizens of Brown County owe a debt of gratitude toward this man for his courage to act,” explained Grubbs. “It must also be noted that Sgt. Means, of the Early Police Department, responded and acted valiantly...

Sheriff Grubbs also noted that some may take this incident as an opportunity to promote gun control; however he felt it is an example of importance of the right to bear arms.

“Had this citizen not had a gun, this could have been a whole lot worse,” said Grubbs.


Yup - Grubbs is Sheriff of Brown County, Texas.

What would the ISP say in a similar situation?



skidmark said...

Well, fight did show up, after "Run" and "Hide".

We have just got to demonstrate why the lowly pen(cil) is mightier than the deranged mas-shooting gunman when you get a whole office full of pencil pushers coming with sharpened #2 spikes.

stay safe.