Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Edited For Accuracy

From Brady Head Dan Gross:
Within 48 hours of the terrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, (before the facts were known besides a gun was used), a new campaign fundraiser was launched called We Are Better Than This. It was based on the fundamental belief that we are better than a nation with mass shootings like the one in Aurora, Colorado, and better than the 32 gun murders that happen every day.  desperately short of money and need to take advantage of opportunities like this to keep what little staff/influence we have left.
There, that's better.

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Pat said...

Oh, you noticed the disclaimer on the bottom of the petition too?

Old NFO said...

LOL, nice job of fisking that!

Anonymous said...

Trayvon impersonator got Trayvon'd

Weer'd Beard said...

At least he's honest about having no interest in letting the bodies cool, and the facts be known!