Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Timing: Biden Doesn't Have It

At a recent HS graduation speech, Biden made this statement:
“Imagine by the time you’re in the position to buy your first home, putting a roof of solar shingles that will cost no more than today’s ordinary shingles, will be able to power your home, heating, cooling, running appliances at a fraction of the cost your parents pay today,” he said.
This is 'just around the corner' according to the VP.

Also in the news yesterday:
the Commerce Department signals it will likely slap a 31 percent tariff on all solar panel imports from China.
Maybe he's going to invest more money into Solyndra.

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TS said...

And since your home will be on the moon, those solar panels will be 10 times as efficient.

Weer'd Beard said...

They were saying the same bullshit when I was in elementary school.

They were also saying that NYC would be underwater by now, and there would be no such thing as frogs (because of acid rain...when was the last time you heard about that one?)

Kids need to learn at an early age that idiots eventually grow up, and they often get promoted to positions of authority.

Linoge said...

My understanding is that given current technology, there is simply no way to power all of those appliances based off the solar power available to your roof alone, even using the very best of the solar panels available today, and that is not likely to ever change barring some unforeseen, significant breakthrough.

Remember - Our Glorious President only keeps Bidummy around because the latter makes the former look like a rocket scientist in comparison. And assassination insurance...