Friday, June 8, 2012

A Glimmer of Reality

Every once in awhile, amidst the CSGV's foam spewing rants, there are moments of lucidity.  
 ...even though Democrats control the White House and U.S. Senate (and the House as recently as 2010), the pro-gun crowd has done pretty well the past four years.

 Setbacks for pro-gunners? They've been few and far between.

 Overall, you'd think that the gun lobby would be pretty happy with this record. And, in truth, they're probably ecstatic.

Yeah, for the most part I am. Want to know why I'm not going to stop Ladd?  Because you and your cronies still have employment as gun control activists. Because politicians like Bloomberg think that they have the authority and power to legislate what's 'best' for me.

When all of you are reduced to rambling about 'insurrectionists' on blogger during your freetime, trolling DU/Koz/Huffpo in search of traffic, and shutting down your comments because the only people who read it are gun nuts, THEN I might take a break.


And no Ladd, this isn't a 'threat', stop being paranoid.

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