Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Magpul for Military

The US military has banned the common use of Magpul magazines in M4's and M16's because they're not 'Gov't Issue' even though they've been regular issue for several units.: asked TACOM officials if the Army had discovered any problems with PMAGs that would warrant the ban on their use. TACOM officials would not answer the question and instead passed it off to Program Executive Office Soldier on Thursday evening before the four-day Memorial Day weekend.
 They won't answer because there is no real reason. From my experience, the decision was likely made by some General who doesn't like the idea of polymer mags.

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Divemedic said...

Or more likely, it was a General who is going to get a high paying job working for the maker of the competitor's magazines.

greenmeanie said...

Definately some ring knocker with an agenda.

Fill Yer Hands said...

On the flip side, how long till PMAGS are $10 a case, FOB Kandahar?