Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NRA AM '12: Final Thoughts

After taking yesterday to catch up on everything at home, I now have a chance to put everything together.  Excepting Saturday, the show 'felt' smaller than the others I've been to but, according to Cam Edwards of NRA News, the registered attendance was near 74K, a record number.  Even the number of vendors was huge.  The ladies running the press room told me there are so many wanting room that there's a waiting list for next few years already.

But the industry is dying and there are less gun owners each year.

Yeah right.  We're talking serious clinical levels of denial for anyone who believes that.

The whole 'protest' thing was entertaining.  The CSGV had at least one individual in Leadership Forum, Members meeting and Glenn Beck speech live tweeting it.  Now I'm going to guess that means they signed up for the NRA and registered for the convention since I doubt they were credentialed media.  If that's the case, the only thing they've achieved is handing the NRA another $25 and given us lots of quotes for how far off the mainstream (not to mention unhinged) they've become. 

On the bloggers I've met. There were less than what I remember from '08 and '09 but that's not entirely surprising based off of the economy and that many bloggers are on the coasts.  It was of course great seeing Sebastian and Bitter again.  It's been too long since I've gotten together w/ them. Squeaky has returned to the fold after many years of life getting in the way.  Old NFO helped me solve an issue my BIL had w. his M1 carbine. Saw the Sandcastle Family and John R. again. . Finally got to meet Lawdog (here's his take on the general attitude of the folks at the show and of which I had similar conversations),Jay G. ,  Phlegmfatale ,the Cornered Cat , Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit (LAID) and Mad St. Jack were most fun to talk to. Of course finally seeing 45Superman in the meatworld was an excellent ending. I know I'm missing names but right now I'm just going off of cards and photos. Put up a message if I forgot please.

The NRA staff were great as usual.  Stephanie Samford (NRA-ILA Media Liason) and all the ladies in the Press Room made us feel right at home while the MSM folks looked at us like lepers. 

On the floor, there were AR's as far as the eye could see.  The majority of the vendors were VERY open w/ us about their products and even issues they've been having which is a nice change from the glowing reviews of anything and everything you normally see from the 'professionals' (another part of the discussion I had w/ Kathy Jackson on the differences between the 'old school' and 'new' media).  There were exceptions though. One reason why is this.  I got a fancy for ATI's StG-44 repop. and put up some info and pictures.  I'm a small-time blog but then Tam saw it and posted about it (I'm thinking Uncle's link may be from my mention as well) and their readership is in the (tens of) thousands.

 And for those who complained, here's your obligatory 'booth babe' photo:

Yeah, zombie stuff was almost as prolific as AR's.  But to be honest, there weren't that many 'booth babes', what there were were LOTS of families (another sign the industry's dying, right?).  My nephew went w/ the family of a friend of his, kids all over the place.

No idea if I'm going to be able to make it to Houston next year but Indy's likely a definite.

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Old NFO said...

And just as an FYI, the booth babes DID know what they were talking about... :-)

Jay G said...

No love for another brother trapped in a repressive regime?

Man, no respect, I tell ya... ;)

It was great meeting you, even if you don't remember it...

detroitccw said...

It was great meeting and talking to you! See you in Houston!