Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Does It Feel, Ladd?

Whenever you see a 'task force' regarding gun control in places like Chicago, NYC, MD, etc., it is invariably loaded w/ Joyce foundation puppets and other anti-gun fanatics that come to the usual predetermined conclusions of 'Assault weapon' bans, registration, close the 'gun show loophole'.  You know the routine.

Now the shoe's on the other foot and the CSGV is having conniptions

Amazing that they supported the 'task forces' loaded in their favor whole-heartedly and cite them as 'expert opinions'. They still haven't grasped just how fringe they are and how few supporters they actually have.

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Pyrotek85 said...

I wouldn't bet against them being truly unaware of their hypocrisy, they're pretty disconnected from reality.

Don said...

Actually, the reports are that the "Task Force" in Illinois is getting dominated by pro-gun ideas. John Lott presented at the last one in Springfield a couple of weeks ago, and apparently he hit a home run. From what I heard, some of the anti-gun advocates scheduled to speak even walked out early, and the thing ran to four hours long!

Old NFO said...

LOL, yep advocacy IS a two way street... :-)

greenmeanie said...

I would LOVE to spend a day in their ofice. Not to spy (there's nothing worth knowing anyway), just for the entertainment value!

Thirdpower said...

I wouldn't. It's small, poorly ventilated and filled w/ hostile individuals who could snap at any moment.