Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ladd Everitt @CSGV Channels Michael Moore; UPDATE

Remember when Michael Moore put out 'Bowling for Columbine' and claimed that the NRA rushed to Littleton, Colorado to hold rallies right after the shooting? How he used footage of Charleston Heston yelling 'From my cold dead hands' and made it appear that it was in the center of the town?

Remember how that was all just 'creative license' on the part of a political hack film maker and that those rallies never happened in Colorado, in fact were months later halfway across the country?

Well Ladd Everitt, Comm. Dir. of the CSGV, has taken Moore's style to heart and is now claiming that the NRA is selling hoodies 'in the wake of' the Florida shooting. Nevermind that they've been in the store for who knows how long. And he's retweeted it to anyone he can think of, hoping to gain a few individuals to agree w/ them through ignorance or stupidity.

This is the kind of deliberate dishonesty inherent in gun control activists. This is why they'll lose in the long run.

UPDATE: And Ladd doubles down on the lying.
But on their FB page:
So I wonder what definition of 'now' Ladd is using since he specifically worded his posts in a way to state the NRA is marketing it in response to Martin shooting.

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Groundhog said...



Weer'd Beard said...

Hey, its just a way to tell future violent junkies like Martin that America is NOT a safe place for their ilk.

Best Move to NYC where such violent anti-social behavior is better tolerated.

Sigivald said...

I thought the line was that there's nothing wrong with hoodies and they're completely innocent clothing (which I agree with, despite the tendency for sketchy lowlifes of all colors to prefer them).

It's amazing, in a way, to see that Hoodies Are Just Clothing and also You Can't Keep Selling That Hoodie Because Hoodies Are Sacred Victimwear or whatever the hell it is Ladd's notional point is.

Is it wrong of me to think that I might prefer rational opposition, simply in order for the crazy stupid to not hurt my brain?

HammerHead7 said...

Hoodie or not, Zimmerman made things a lot worse for himself when didn't stand down when the dispatcher told him to.