Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GLOCK: The Book

Finally catching up on my 2A reading. Just finished up the GLOCK book by Paul Garrett.

First off, I am not a Glock fanboy nor a real fan of handguns overall, preferring long guns. Not saying I dislike Glocks, I'm just ambivalent towards them.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I've never really studied the history of the company and it was written not as a textbook, but as a story, flowing along smoothly. The information was detailed enough to interest a gun nut but not technical in a way to deter non-gunnies from learning about Glock firearms, the history of the company and some general firearm history to boot.

For the most part the author stays out of the political debate, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses of both sides as he covers the history of the development, promotion and expansion of the company. A combination of luck, talent and some dirty pool.

A point I found interesting was just who he spoke to regarding the politics. While mentioning the NRA regularly, he has almost no direct contact w/ them outside of former lobbyist Richard Feldman. He also virtually ignores the Brady Campaign except for one quote from Dennis Henigan near the end. There are lots of quotes from the Violence Policy Center's Sugarmann and Diaz. No mention of all of the Second Amendment Foundation.

I would recommend this book highly for anyone even remotely interested in the topic.

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PT said...

I'll second that. I listened to it on tape via audible.

It is a interesting story and he does a good job staying as neutral as possible.

Keads said...

I read the book an I concur with your review!

Skinnedknuckles said...

It may be a good book, but this article about the author is disturbing