Monday, December 5, 2011

Reasoned Discourse: SOP Against Facts II

In another episode of 'Reasoned Discourse' from a Joyce Puppet, I bring you Bald Odinson of 'New Trajectory'. We've talked about this hypocrite before.

In the comments to his 'question', he says this:
So far I've gotten about 50 hits that I know of to this posting, but only two replies. So either you gun guys never sell to anyone you don't know, as GMC70 claims, or you are afraid to fess up. Which is it??
Well I called him on that, stating that that was a false dichotomy and a character attack. I also noted that in Illinois, even w/ the FOID card, anti-gun groups like the ones he's associated w/ continue to call for stricter laws.

That comment never was approved. Although he does mention the 'FOID' in his latest screed as 'acceptable' w/o mentioning the second part of my statement on it.

Over on Sebastian's site, Mike said:
FAIL. I would have replied on your blog, but you moderate your comments and don’t allow anonymous comments. Why is that so common with people who detest the 2nd Amendment?
To which Baldr faced liar responded:
@ Mike: I used to allow Anonymous comments, but they became too foul and threatening.
So by omission, he admits to censoring comments. So why should we trust him?

We can't. He's a hypocrite and liar. Just like the majority of his ilk.

This is the face of gun control advocacy. And it goes all the way up to the top.

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Robb Allen said...

I take exception to the 'all the way to the top' phrase.

Makes it sound like it's a deep bench. You've got Bladder Olufson and JaPete doing their gig and then a single layer above them.

Ain't much 'there' there, if you know what I mean.

JayF said...

Baldr & Joan constantly talk about "foul and threatening" comments but then delete 1/3 to 1/2 of my polite and on-topic comments challenging bogus aspects of their posts.

Wolfman said...

You know, its frustrating to wait for comments to appear. Secondly, even the idea, the spectre, of 'reasoned discourse' discourages people from engaging. That would affect the quality of responses (if most gunny people stay away, and only crazy ones still try to get a comment through) and certainly would affect his post/click ratio. I never remember to screencap my comments over there, and I always think I should.

Pyrotek85 said...


That's because the truth is 'foul and threatening' to them lol

Sigivald said...

Maybe someone should tell him that "abetting" is a legal term with a meaning, and that one cannot abet a crime unknowingly.

To be abetting a crime by selling a gun to someone, I'd have to know (or have reason to believe) he was prohibited.

That contradicts his hypothetical.