Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Irony: They Still Don't Get It

Joan Peterson, Brady Campaign board member who believes firearm owners are unfit parents, calls us a bunch of meanies for not rolling over in her attempts to ban guns. She says:
..attacking those with whom you disagree with insults, derision and hateful language is immature and small to put it mildly.
The same individual who calls firearm advocates 'sleazy', 'sick' among some of her more immature wordings. Some of the comments she's approved through her moderation, IOW, comments personally approved by her:
The gun guys will do anything they can to handcuff investigators.

The gunloonz would rather see 1000 murders go unsolved than give up a trivial amount of privacy.

if you want to have a toy that sends a 150 gram cop killer bullet at 2800 miles per hour, it's just common sense that we need to register them.

The extremists are ugly in their comments, and go to great lengths to demonize anyone who disagrees with their views...Pitiful. Our attempts to bring peace to the community and reduce gun-related deaths brings out that gem of hatred and ugliness from them. Never mind that they oppose any and all regulation to reduce gun-related deaths and injuries, which makes them pro-criminal and only increases deaths.
And from Ladd Everitt, who has called firearm rights advocates everything from traitors, insurrectionists, etc. to stating we should be executed for treason:
From our perspective, we sincerely appreciate your efforts to engender civil discourse on this issue. Keep up the great work!
From a CSGV FB supporter that wasn't deleted or refuted as of this posting:
Their idea of 'civil discourse'.

So we see what kind of 'Honest Differences of Opinion' she supports. At least when it's coming from her side.

Update: IL-GUNLOBBY on FB takes Joan up on her apologist statements regarding rapists:
Ah Joan ---YES if it were my daughter the rapist should get nothing less than her well aimed bullets. But I guess you would just have women do what? sit back and enjoy it? he's not going to kill you, just take your dignity, peace of mind, your innocense.
You don't get to decide how we deal with OUR safety and You don't get to decide how our daughters get to fight back.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

I'll make her a deal. If I can have a gun that shoots a 150 gram cop killer bullet at 2,800 MPH, i'll register it.

150 Gram/2800MPH
2,315 grain projectile
4,107 Feet Per Second

20mm Vulcan Rotary cannon
102 grams/1,030 Meters Per Second
1574 grains 3379 FPS

Her "cop killer" bullets are anti-aircraft cannons.

Dylan said...

I like how she can keep a straight face while complaining about 'insults and derision,' while her two favorite words are 'crazy' and 'stupid.'

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ah--Sean beat me to it. I just calculated that this notional "cop killer" bullet would be moving along carrying 86,670 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.

Recoil might be a bit of a concern.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

@Kurt: Not only did I beat you, I've written a post about it and made a chart!

Strange that this commenter uses a variation of JadeGold's insult.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Just read that post, Sean--well done.

Linoge said...

One need only look at the words of a certain "Laci the Dog" to see, first hand, attacking those with whom you disagree with insults, derision and hateful language is immature and small to put it mildly.

Joan, as usual, is either completely and utterly clueless, an inveterate liar, or both.

Thirdpower said...

@ Linoge:

Well that's pretty obvious. Both.

Pyrotek85 said...

"150 Gram/2800MPH
2,315 grain projectile
4,107 Feet Per Second"

That's like those gigantic railguns the Navy is developing LOL

I heard those are being built to replace cruise missiles since they'd travel so darn fast

greenmeanie said...

As someone so eloquently put it once, Joan is batshit insane. Period.

I really don't know why I go over there any more. There is NO reasoning with those people. They are incapable of civil, intelligent discussion. Worse, they have NO knowledge of guns WHAT SO EVER, other than "guns kill, guns bad...".

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up to get one of those "toys" It sounds like just the thing for those pesky APC's my neighbors kids keep driving over my lawn! Johnny Gee

Ken said...

Here's some more on Roger Gore, the one talking about gun freaks:

He was laughing, as in hahaha, about a gun owner accidentally shooting himself.

Would you trust your child with this creep?

Sigivald said...

I'm sure the dumbass in question meant "150 grain" and "2800 fps".

Problem is, 150 grains at 2800 fps is... roughly a .308.

In other words, the old stand-by "any rifle good for hunting is a deadly sniper weapon" gambit.

(What kind of bullet is a cop-killer bullet? Any kind some criminal kills a cop with.)

Sean D Sorrentino said...

@Sigivald: Are you kidding me? Have you read the other comments from that fool? She thinks we ebil gunloonz are putting triple powder charges into our ebil gunz to make them more deadly (and more ebil).

She is entirely ignorant, and likely wrote exactly what she meant with no conception that what she wrote was a physical impossibility. Deranged, I say.

Matthew said...

Sure it isn't a mandate but Joan can drive her "assault Prius" in every state of the union that issues licenses even though they each have slightly different regulations on age, testing, renewals, vision, traffic laws, etc, etc.

That's a "loophole" you can drive a, well, a Prius through.