Thursday, December 1, 2011

(Lack of) Immigration Control

Australian busted attempting to buy a gun at an AZ gun show. Anti's will try and point to the 'gun show loophole' as the problem. Here's the real problem:
when Malkoun initially planned to travel to the U.S. in 2010, he was required to answer the question as to whether he had any previous drug convictions. When he answered "yes," his visa application was denied.

When he tried again, in 2011, he answered "no" to the same question and was granted a visa.
So not only was there no background check done on an individual trying to enter the country, no-one bothered to even check to see if he'ld tried to enter before.

And some people think the solution to crime is to give MORE regulatory authority to the government?

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Sendarius said...

So, if he had NOT been "in the country illegally", would there have been an issue?

Would an Australian, travelling in the US on a tourist visa (with all quetions answered honestly), be subject to arrest if in possession of a firearm?

Thirdpower said...

On a tourist Visa, there would still have been a problem.

Of course, had he answered all questions honestly, it would have been unlikely he would have attempted to illegally purchase a gun in the first place.