Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How is this 'Clearly Revealed'?

Some vendors at NY gun shows violate the law and are being prosecuted. So the call is to make the show operators criminally liable for the actions of individuals willing to break multiple state laws already.

Yeah that makes sense. Unless of course the goal is to eliminate gun shows entirely. They closed the 'gun show loophole' in NY so, since they couldn't use that as an excuse, had to invent a new 'gap' to make any show operator completely unwilling to take the risk or so expensive for insurance premiums no-one could/would possibly make a profit.

Oh wait, it is the final goal. Nevermind.

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Weer'd Beard said...

That's the whole point to the Mass gun permit system. Somebody wants to buy a gun for protection or for fun, the shop tells them they need to schedule a safety class, fill out a form, pay $100, be photographed, and fingerprinted...and some towns the cops will harass you with "Why do you want a gun?" crap.

The sole point of all of that is to get more people to say "Fuck it! I'll go with friends or to a public range with rentals if I want to shoot".

I've seen it work.

LC Scotty said...

Jacob Rieper over a Gunpolitics NY makes an excellent point-this is a state AG crowing at a special press conference about 10 dudes picked up for MISDEMEANORS.

HR-822 must be causing some serious PSH.

Lumpy said...

I find it shocking that NewYork was investigating new york gun shows rather than their normal poking around in other states gun shows.

Robert Fowler said...

So besides holding the "criminals" responsible, let hold responsible the people that rented them a space too. Makes perfect sense to me. Kind of like making something illegal even more illegal. When people run for office, do their brains just leak out?

Chas said...

From what I've read, it seems that individuals who attended the shows with a gun to sell (not actual "vendors" with tables at the show)were lured outside by an undercover investigator who then bought the gun after stating that he couldn't pass a background check.
The AG is now sending a cease and desist letter to the gun show operators. Apparently, they're somehow not supposed to allow the AG's investigators to run any more scams in the parking lots outside the shows. Seems like it's the AG who needs to cease and desist, but he's a vicious anti-gunner, so he's trying to shut down the gun shows by indirectly blaming them for the direct actions of his office and the actions of individuals whose only connection to the show was that they briefly attended it. The AG wants to end all gun shows. That's what he wants to accomplish with these scams he‘s been running.
In the mean time, gangbangers run around the streets of upstate New York shooting at each other with illegally possessed handguns from out of state, but the AG is going after old, rural white men who tend to belong to the NRA, and tend not to vote for Democrats, and who need to raise a few dollars by selling off a rifle in the misery of these Obamanomic times. It's political payback on the part of the AG and the political left in general, that has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with revenge politics. The AG is abusing his office for political purposes. Hopefully, it will backfire on him.
What the heck is an "Ithaca .22 gauge" anyway? Seems like the New York AG doesn't know his ass from an Ithaca, and Ithaca is located in upstate New York.