Monday, November 7, 2011

Working To Our Advantage...

Sometimes you really have to love fanatics. Their foaming-at-the-mouth rants and over-the-top rhetoric tends to have the result of turning people away from their cause, even those that tend to agree w/ the basic principles of the cause. Take for example this 'authorized journalist':
The National Rifle Association, that well-funded protector of the people's right to keep and bear arms, is also a felon's best friend...

..our elected officials who've allowed NRA self-preservation to take precedence over public safety considerations are complicit in criminal acts of violence that target children.'s time to expose the NRA for what it really is: a front for illegal gun sales.

In between, he follows the standard theme. Throw in a few emotional arguments followed by some 'facts' arranged in a way that the 'average' person doesn't notice all the laws that were already broken unless they do some research. But what's going to stick in their heads isn't the facts and figures but instead the radically hostile phrases above and they're going to start questioning the integrity of the writer.

Odds are good the 'average' reader knows some NRA members, is a member themselves (that helps when an organization has a membership of 4m+) or they voted for those 'complicit' elected officials. Most people will take a look at an article written like this and realize just how stupid it is. Then, when they start hearing the same arguments from other gun control fanatics start in on their rants, the people are already disposed to put them in the same category.

Keep writing Mr. Evans, you're helping us out w/ every word.

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greenmeanie said...

Let's do it {sob, sob} for the CHILDREN!!!! WHAAAAAAA........

Ace said...

What about the "average reader" who doesn't know an NRA member, isn't a member, or didn't vote for those officials? How do we combat the rants and rhetoric of the Mouth Foamers?

There's gotta be a way. If logical arguments aren't getting the job done, do we fight fire with fire? Create our own set of emotional arguments?

Because in every argument I see between us gun rights folks and the antis, when we start with the facts and figures and logical arguments, the antis shut down.

Has the time come to hit them with our own brand of propaganda, of mouth foaming rants and over-the-top rhetoric?

Or is that just shooting ourselves in the foot?

Thirdpower said...

The best way I've found to discuss things w/ 'average' folk or 'fence-sitters' is to calmly ask them questions. One of the first ones I use is if they know what an 'assault weapon' is. I usually get the 'machine gun-esque response'. I then describe, in layman's terms and show them the Sugarmann/VPC quote.

That tends to open the floodgates.

Braden Lynch said...

As Thirdpower noted, there is a lot of power in simple questions.

Questions about their expressed view and the resulting cognitive dissonance (my apologies for not knowing who to cite for writing or podcasting this) from their lack of facts to support their view can seal the deal.

Ones like:

1) Do you know anyone who may own guns and what are they like?

2) Do you have the right to defend yourself from violence? Would the tool (e.g. gun, knife, fists) that you use, matter?

3) Would you rather see on the news the story of the rape and murder of a single mom or the shooting and death of a rapist?

4) Do you think gun laws impact criminals, law-abiding citizens, or both?