Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Gun Violence' and Brady Campaign Tweets..

The Brady Campaign Intern has his Twitter search function set to 'gun violence' and retweets practically every one that comes across w/o looking at the story or doing any research. Five minutes found out some glaring details:

'Horrible', 'Tragic'. A 13yo boy. An innocent child cut down in the prime of his life. But what MAIG Mayor Adams and the Brady's don't bother to mention is this, from another article on the murder:
At the time of his death, Marquez was on juvenile probation for an assault. But that didn't keep him from boasting on his Facebook page, under the moniker "Ese Stoner," about his affiliation with the Surenos gang, smoking marijuana with friends, and his journey in and out of juvenile detention this year. On Saturday, he posted, "I love gang bangin violence!" The next night at 8:16 p.m., his last post, he wrote he had fun looking for someone "but their (sic) lucky they were hiding."
And another:
From the article:
Chris headed to the Miami Gardens "candy house." He was dead within minutes. Neighbors didn't hear yelling or arguing before the shooting. He was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest. "My guess is he probably just stopped off to buy a joint," his mom says.
That evil media. To think that a 'troubled youth' getting killed outside of a violent drug den isn't newsworthy.

Do we see a trend here? Are these the kinds of individuals the Brady Campaign really wants to defend? Of course what we will see are these incidents added to the list of 'children' killed by guns.

It took me less time to find details on these stories than it did to type up this post. So is the Brady Campaign deliberately trying to skew these incidents or are they just to lazy to do any research on them? Or both.

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A Critic said...

To answer the question, both.

The incident is a tragedy though...but the cause is prohibition and the other federal and state programs that create and feed street gangs.

Matthew Carberry said...

You'll probably see a couple more posted.

A couple "teens", children cut down in the prime of life by an evil gun.

Note this will increase our already alarming "gun death" rate in Alaska.

Windy Wilson said...

The Brady Bunch are against gun violence. Unfortunately for normal people, the Bradys' response is like pacifists opposed to sticking knives in people demonstrating outside hospitals against surgeons.