Saturday, October 22, 2011

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

We're all aware of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and her famous 'Shoulder Thing That Goes Up' flub but gun control politicians endorsing and/or voting for legislation of which they have no idea what it's about except more gun control is nothing new.

Let's take a look at former OH Senator John Glenn. Even while being a Marine Colonel and NASA Astronaut, when it came to gun control, he was just as ignorant as McCarthy. He has a long history of endorsing gun control schemes including the 1968 GCA, endorsing licensing and registration, and leading one of the earliest organized gun control groups, the Emergency Committee for Gun Control. So it really comes as no surprise that he fully supported the Clinton AWB in 1993.

But what did he think he was actually voting for? Let's take a look:
..the GAO found that some of the parts stolen are those that are used to convert semi-automatic rifles into automatic machine guns. Those are the same automatic machine guns which we have passed laws to prohibit.
A recent poll by the DeHere Foundation taken between October 21 and 24 of this year found that 92 percent of those surveyed sup- ported a complete ban on semi-automatic weapons. We have just passed an amendment to the crime bill which prohibits possession even of those same semi-automatic rifles, which will be discussed here.
Um, no they didn't. They passed an amendment to temporarily prohibit manufacture of certain cosmetic features that in no way altered the function of the firearm. But they heard 'Assault Weapon Ban' and assumed. The DeHere Foundation is also a notable supporter of restrictive gun control policies so their polls have as much credibility as the MAIG one claiming that most NRA members oppose the NRA.

There's this little tidbit in the report that also caught my eye regarding M16 M855 series ammo:
You can tell that it is armor-piercing because of the green tip.
Unless things have changed, 'Green' tips are ball training ammo, NOT AP. That would be 'Black'.

So even historically, when it comes to gun control, they shut their brains off for anything that sounds good even if it has nothing to do w/ reality.

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cryptical said...

The green tip M855 have a steel core. I don't think it's considered armor piercing, but a lot of indoor ranges don't allow them because they chew up the backstop.

alcade said...

I've got a bunch of steel core m855. I suppose it'll pierce better than lead core, but I dunno if it's "rated" for that.

Also, a few months back I picked up some Korean ammo that was labeled "armor piercing." It had a green tip.