Monday, October 17, 2011

It's All About Force

Moron FleaBagger:

Now ignore for a second all his stupid ideas about a bunch of tribes living together in harmony and developing super technology, focus on that one word.


That is the only way that that entire belief system, including gun control, can expand. Force. By forcing people to act unnaturally and against their own best interests. They naively think that they'll achieve this world of rainbow farting unicorns by giving the gov't immense amounts of power and removing any form of resistance among the public. Because then, in their minds, this all powerful gov't will just dissolve and the people will just form happy communes which still have to be forced into submission.

Gun control follows the same principle. The only way it can be achieved is if people are forced, by threat of an armed response, to turn in their guns.

Their systems can only be achieved by force. Is that a system you really want to live under?

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