Friday, September 9, 2011

Ironic Quote By Dennis Henigan

But the gunners will be back, with the tactics of bullying and intimidation that have become their trademark. Dennis"I forgot the People" Henigan
Hmm. You mean like when the Communicat­ions Director of the CSGV started posting names and personal informatio­n (ie work locations, state of residence, etc.) of pro-gun advocates promising to hold them 'accountab­le for their actions' and deliberately libeled them in attempts to disrupt their families? Actions endorsed and supported by Brady Campaign National Board Member Joan Peterson.

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1 comment:

Chas said...

"...reports of a man carrying a gun on a university campus would be no cause for a lockdown, or any other action. It would be common behavior that the rest of us would just have to get accustomed to."

Henigan has never had a problem "getting accustomed to" a police officer carrying a gun on a university campus and he's never found that to be "cause for a lockdown, or any other action."
I'm sure that he would eventually adapt to his fellow private citizens doing the same thing, despite his stubborn, little statist mind’s willfulness to the contrary. However, if he just can’t quite get used to the liberty of others, perhaps he could relocate to a country that is a nasty, little, repressive police state located somewhere far from the US and freedom, and much closer to his ideal.