Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brady goes shopping

(NOTE from Thirdpower. To avoid confusion, this was written by my co-blogger Kaveman)

With over 15 million Americans out of work, they should have no trouble finding someone to take the helm of their gigantic suck hole.

Some choices quotes...

"The Brady Campaign has embraced building this grassroots strength as one of its most important priorities for the years ahead. It has targeted key states and communities in which to concentrate. While it will take time to build, this effort must proceed with urgency. The new President will be expected to take the lead in making this happen."

Seems I called that one a while back...

"The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a staff of 25. There are 5 regional staff members in other parts of the country and the two entities have a combined annual budget of $5.3 million."

According to their 2009 Annual report(latest available) the Campaign and the Center both brought in about 4 million. Now they only generate 5.3 million combined?

I think I need a tissue.


"S/he will be expected to create and execute a comprehensive strategy that utilizes a wide range of voices to deliver the organization’s messages."

Get that? They want a wide range of voices to say what we want them to say. Nice.

"The CEO shall be responsible for effective stewardship of the organization’s existing resources and for identifying and attracting new resources to the Brady Campaign."

Translation: Must be good enough at dancing in the blood to make people want to pay to watch it.

Then the truth slips out concerning grass roots...

"With the assistance of the Board and the Development Department expand the involvement of staff and volunteers to raise substantial amounts of money from new and existing major donors, and foundations."

Then they clarify what they really mean about "grass roots."

"Spearhead and actively support the efforts to build a powerful grassroots movement in those states and communities that have initially been targeted for concentration."

"Develop strategies to determine and promote evidence-based arguments for public policies, which are grounded in research and support common sense efforts at reducing gun violence."

I can't wait to see that.

"Build the movement to insure that all guns in our nation are childproofed by 2015."

Wow, that ambitious. I hate the fact that I have to wait over 3 years to witness their epic fail.

"A good listener who inspires trust and confidence and remains open to the ideas of others."

That would be kinda nice for a change.

"Unimpeachable integrity."

We shall destroy their integrity using nothing but their own words.

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Weer'd Beard said...

"Build the movement to insure that all guns in our nation are childproofed by 2015."

They'll never succeed until they do that to all guns CURRENTLY in possession of gun owners, AND guns in the armories of our police and armed forces.

As I said at my place, the gun banners aren't even interested in succeeding anymore, there is no ground left to win.

Their current goal is to annoy those on the sides of human rights.

Jaybuck said...

Well I kind of like that phrase; "unimpeachable integrity."
Could they be trying to imitate the Obama administration?
uh uh I have no knowledge of "Operation Fast & Furious." Whoot!