Friday, September 2, 2011

Fox News Reasoned Discourse? UPDATE

There were two town halls in Illinois last night discussing CCW. One was held by WVON w/ a report from Illinois Carry here .

The other was by IL State Rep Ford. Quite a few of the IL anti-gun leadership were in attendance along w/ pro-rights members and leadership. This is the blurb from Fox news. Note the only name mentioned was the CPD Asst police chief opposing CCW.

Here's the interesting bit. When I first checked the article, there were three comments. One by Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry. One by Mike Weisman of the ISRA and another. All three remarking on the lack of any details in the article. Now when I check, the comments are gone.

Did Fox delete them or is it my computer?

UPDATE: They seem to be showing up again.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, those comments are gone. They don't like to show support for peoples rights.

LC Scotty said...

I'm seeing statements by Rowe and Weisman, each about 1 sentence. There's about a half dozen total comments, and no mention from Rowe or Wiesman about their original comments being deleted.

LC Scotty said...

Rowe: This article fails to report that Chicago Police Dept. Sergeants Association, Chicago Police Dept. Lieutenants Association, Illinois Sheriffs Association, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police all support Right to Carry and HB1

Weisman: That's an amazingly short blurb.

Fox News did not mention that the Illinois Sheriffs, Illinois Chiefs of Police, Chicago Sergeants and Chicago Lieutenants Assns all came out in favor of Concealed Carry in Illinois.