Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another "Bravely Anonymous"

I love gun control advocates who respond to posts and really have no idea what they're talking about and just ramble on. In April, I made a post about an "Only One" that thought the NRA convention would lead to blood in the streets. An anonymous comment was left w/ the usual emotional appeals. I responded. This morning another rambling anonymous comment was left. So I'll respond again. Just for fun.
"It is obvious you are clearly uneducated"
A character attack. What a good way to start a discussion.
and haven't a clue how these guns end up in the wrong hands.
Really? Primarily through the hands of criminals. (note that word)
"If incarcerating criminals goes so far then let me ask you this oh wise one. Why are we letting them out of prison to once again commit more crimes and harm innocent children and adults?"
Because the so-called 'justice system' is more concerned w/ plea bargains and 3 drink lunches than actually helping society by putting away violent criminals. You don't seem to mind violent criminals as long as they don't have a gun. Why do you think it's better for the other 80 million firearm owners to be left defenseless against these violent criminals you admit are being let out?
"Any ex con can get a gun out in the street off of Craigslist on go to another state and get one, hell even idiots over the net will sell them to."
Craigslist has a "No Gun" policy. And to purchase a firearm over the net still requires it to go through an FFL. 'Going to another state' is a federal felony. All policies that are already illegal or not allowed. So who 'hasn't got a clue'? If you're seeing these things, are you reporting them? Or do you not trust the 'Justice System' enough to bother?
"Are they going thru a background check when they purchase them this way? No their not cause the person selling them to the ex con doesn't give a shit if they shoot up your family they just want the money."
So making another law that criminals 'don't give a sh!t' about will stop crime? You make my point for me. How does disarming ME stop the criminals who will be violent no matter what?
"Live a little and see how the real world operates you must be in lala land if you think this shit don't happen! "
I do live in the real world and am quite familiar w/ what happens. You, however, Mr. Bravely Anonymous, don't seem to have any clue as to what the laws are. And I know it happens. That's why I work to make sure people can defend themselves while individuals like yourself prefer to remain victims.

So to sum up. Mr./Ms. Bravely Anonymous thinks disarming me will stop violent criminals who, by his/her own admission "don't give a sh1t".

Yeah, that makes sense.

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45er said...

Must be nice viewing the world through rainbow colored glasses. It's how I want the world to be, not how it really is.