Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Public Relations of Gun Control

A company called 'Libertas' is a PR firm that has "counseled a multitude of organizations, such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns ..."

This is the kind of PR the gun ban lobby is reduced to:
Idiot gun fetishists prefer terrorists/crimnals/drug cartels armd. Bckground chex would hlp stop it-but why m I usin logic w/ u?

Try mirror pal. Or look @ ur avatar/bio? Jst like gun nut not 2know it. Guess ya gotta do sumthin 2makeup 4certain shortcomings (Ed. This is his comment to a paraplegic Army veteran)

Or perhaps its the 100s of millions uses to buy Congress? Nah...

Mmbers who in polls &vid intrviews dont agree w/own leadership (but polls lyin! Its conspiracy! It's the Masons!)..

& this vid's conspiracy 2!! It mst be! Its members not $$!! Its all illegal immigrants fault!

As I said-Big Conspiracy!! Cant refute w/polls or vids. So mst b lies! Been fun. But wont waste more time w/conspiracy mongrs
So even their professional PR people have nothing to resort to but a plethora of push polls/videos by gun control groups, logical fallacies and penis jokes.

And they wonder why we're winning.

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TexasFred said...

You DO realize? The LEFT is comprised of MORONS, one and all...

These anti-gun idiots, MAIG and the entire Obama regime are MORONS, one and all..

Bryan said...

Couldn't agree more, some things must be taken care of yourself. The most important being protection of your family. You can't stop people from having their most basic instinct...survival.