Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Mexican Authorities Figuring It Out

Acapulco, formerly a pretty safe place to visit:
Shootings and attacks in Mexico's Pacific coast resort of Acapulco left two police officers, three suspected drug cartel gunmen and two other men dead, police said Monday.
The State Police Chief is waking up:
Ramon Almonte, the Guerrero state police chief, said on Monday he will ask the federal congress to make it easier for common citizens to get permits for weapons to defend themselves...

"When you fight someone and at least you have a 'piece,' the person who is attacking you might think twice," Almonte said. "We cannot go on the way we are."...

"Having a weapon should be a right, because the bad guys are few and we, the good guys, are many, so we can't allow ourselves to be held hostage by the few," Almonte said.

Boy, that sounds familiar. 10:1 he'll be dead before the end of the month. The Drug lord and Mexican Gov't (but I repeat myself) need to keep the citizens defenseless. The same thing gun control groups want for the US.

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Anonymous said...

You'd have thought they'd get the point after this story. Maybe one of these days they will wake up, but judging by the country's history I'm doubtful.

[Interesting, my captcha is "dendef." You do the anagram.]


TS said...

Alcade, I once had "loademm" as my word verification when posting on Japete's site about 30 round magazines. Maybe there is a higher power at work.