Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What May Issue Looks Like

An IllinoisCarry member went to a local PD to get fingerprinted so he could apply for an AZ CCW permit.

They refused. Their reason?
"It's an ethical issue," she replied.
Trying to get who's 'ethics' are being compromised has resulted in no names or answers.

This is what arbitrary licensing would look like in IL.

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Dannytheman said...

Keep fighting the good fight. It has been reported even here in PA that some State Police barracks have stopped fingerprinting for outside state licensing. (FL and UTAH mostly) We are lucky that there are large numbers of Utah/Florida certified folks who can do it here for about a 10 dollar fee. (or included in the 75 to 100 dollar UTAH class)

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep, "May Issue" = "Won't Issue".

I'll remind you of my own personal experience with Medford MA PD where I was denied an unrestricted permit because "The Chief Doesn't issue those".

Had nothing to do with my character or anything relevant. I never met the chief once while I lived there, I only talked with his secretary and a couple of detectives. And by "talked" I mean "Talked about the weather while they fingerprinted me and took my money".

I've never met my own chief of police here. My only conversation with LE here was to discuss how in my town "May issue" = "Shall Issue".

Frankly any of the "May Issue" issues the antis talk about are an open invitation for discrimination lawsuits, so it just leads to blanked polices.

Keith said...

I believe the fingerprint cards are the same for Concealed Carry and FFL. Have them print you and tell them you are applying for an FFL C&R then send them to Florida for you Carry Permit.

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course, it's an ethical issue. It's unethical for the police to not support a police state. As usual, it's just common communist sense, really."